"Proud to vote" was a campaign that was part of the movement "Elas que Decidem" (She Decides). The campaign consisted of supporting women's suffrage in Brazil for the 2022 elections. More than half of women in the Brazilian population did not vote in 2018 elections. In 2022, the mission was to increase the number of women voters. Posters, stickers, press kits for influencers, among other materials. Posters were placed around music festivals across Brazil to raise awareness among women and encourage female suffrage.
The illustration for the movement's flag and design were made by me and the illustrations and lettering by the incredible designers from Toda Oficina, Flora de Carvalho and Beatriz Batisteli. The production was done by Ana Carvalho. The reception of the project was very good and it was featured on the cover of one of the biggest Brazilian newspapers, Folha de São Paulo.​​​​​​​
Illustrations: Larissa Constantino, Flora de Carvalho e Beatriz Batisteli
Design: Larissa Constantino
Lettering: Flora de Carvalho e Beatriz Batisteli
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